Brief biographies of some of our members are to be found on the links below. These pieces will provide an idea of the types of blokes who meet in our Shed, blokes who can get along with one another, welcome strangers and be courteous to guests. Perhaps potential new members may gain an impression of the "atmosphere" of our Shed by reading these bios to see what a diverse range of characters we are. Be warned though, our meetings are sometimes boisterous and it pays an individual to give as good as he gets.

Your humble Webmaster is looking for individual contributions to these pages. Members should be warned that autobiographies may be less revealing than material written by others. All contributions, preferably typed, better emailed and even those "thumb nail dipped-in-tar",  will be welcomed. Expect some editing so as not to offend the gentile.



Dusty Fields



Ross Stacey



Ian Marsh